Successful Enterprises
P.O. Box 830024 Richardson, TX 75083

Bio: Successful Stephens, has served over 10 years in the corporate sector. With each role she's occupied, she's seen a need for soft skills training. Even today there is an even greater need for the foundational principles of soft skills to be taught. Over the years through, powerful associations, her innate ability to communicate effectively and passionately with people, various business trainings, seminars, and work experience have all helped to develop her knowledge and expertise of this training. Successful Enterprises is a company that is dedicated to specializing in customer service consultation and education. Thus, helping people everywhere get the customer service we so desperately deserve. The type of training provided will be beneficial to businesses, upper management and personnel at every level. The objectives are simple: to teach and reinforce the foundational principles of great customer treatment and service! Successful's approach to training is unique because it provides a 360 degree approach to customer service training. Various exercises such as role reversals on multiple levels, actual customer participation(when applicable), solution strategies, etc. will be included. One of the first concepts to be taught will be how we should provide great customer service amongst team members and management as a whole. Once this concept is absorbed then we will move forward toward shifting these same ideals and principles to serve customers and clients.

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