4 things that will kill your sphere of influence everytime!

Number 1 on the list is “pride”. How many times do we have to say, “one monkey don’t stop no show”, for it to really catch on?? It’s really not all about you, you know.

Number 2 on the list is “jealousy”. Jealous people are fearful, insecure, and uncomfortable in their own skin. They show a lack of self worth and self confidence. Humility is a notable quality, but the waters of jealousy and insecurity run deep and it’s really easy to get pulled under!

Next on the list is “greed”! Anybody ever watched the tv show, “American Greed”? Nuff said!! If you live by the greed, you’ll go down by the greed!!

Bringing up the rear at number 4 is “fear”. While a natural fear of falling and loud noises is normal,  we should work to overcome the types of fears that keep us from being able to make important decisions and move forward in life. Unhealthy fear keeps us in a prison that “everyone can see” except us!

You can’t be an effective leader in any capacity when your decisions are stifled by unsubstantiated fears!  When people smell fear and uncertainty in their leader, they lose confidence in them!! 

We’re all a work in progress; but progress demands that we move forward to ward it!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


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