“3 tips to get your manager to notice you.”

For those who may be new to the corporate world or maybe you’ve been in for a little while and are still trying to figure things out, these are some really great practices to start, stop and/or maintain.

#1. Stop avoiding them when you see them! Nobody likes to be ignored and this is especially true of the person who signs your paycheck. I have literally seen this in action and I can tell you it really ticks them off!

#2. Learn really quickly what they like and give them bucket loads of it!! (I don’t mean that brown nose thing) But find out what they’d really, really like to see happen on the team and spearhead it! Be the first one to take action on it and by all means do your research.

#3. Dress for success! You know success has a look to it and dressing professionally every single day gets attention from everybody! Your manager won’t miss this!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


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