Have you ever stopped to think about why you do the things you do? I do! When I have spare time I sometimes  just sit and I think about the things that I’ve done during the day and during the week. I think about the things I’ve said, and to whom I’ve said them to and in retrospect, I sometimes ask myself, when it’s necessary; Successful, why did you say that or why did you do that?

Everybody wants to feel important, valued, significant and to feel like they matter. So any time that I feel like I have overstepped a boundary or didn’t really quite have the clear-headed thinking that I should have had when I did or said something or acted in a particular way; one thing I’m always sure to do is, I go back and fix it!

How many people actually take the time to go back and fix the stuff they messed up with the people that they messed up with?! I think this is crucial if you’re trying to build your character into something that you can be proud of and something that people can actually respect you for! I don’t claim perfection by any means but what I do is; I claim the determination and the unwavering mindset to have perfect character.

When I leave this earth and someone has to preach my eulogy, I don’t want to be someone who was remembered as … the person no one really cares to remember!! So that’s why I spend a lot of time reflecting so that I don’t repeat my mistakes and that going forward, I’m better tomorrow than I was yesterday. I always remember that everybody is important, everybody is special and we all at the core of each and everyone of us, we all have the same basic human needs and desires from life and people!

Self reflection keeps me from becoming something or someone that I don’t even recognize any more and it keeps me grounded. So I urge everyone who is reading this to do self reflection on a daily basis. That’s what separates us from the animals!

“Soft Skills are the New Currency!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


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