Soft Skills – Not just for Customer Service!

You know, usually when we think of soft skills, we think of people who answer the phones in customer service. We want them to be nice and friendly and say yes to everything we ask for and give us everything we want “AND” give it to us for free(if at all possible). How many of you will honestly admit this :)?? However soft skills are not just for the customer service people. You know the people that we scream at and are really “n-a-s-t-y” to when we are having a bad day. Why do we do this?? Because we feel like we can get away with it and we know, that they have to keep their jobs and if they treat us the way we are treating them, they would most likely get fired.

But enough about those poor people. My hat’s off to ya whomever you may be reading this. Soft skills are for those on the employee level, the middle management level, the senior management level. Heck, they’re even for the CEO!!! If you are a “you”, then “you need” soft skills!

Soft skills can be used at work, at home and even at play. Soft skills are like your American Express card; don’t leave home without them!! Keep soft skills in your people bank! You can use them like foreign currency in other countries. They work in any environment. They work in any culture. There are no language barriers to soft skills. Soft skills can also make “you” the most powerful person in the room! Because when you have soft skills, you know how to “handle” people. Without breaking a sweat. Without stepping out of character and without losing control. Which makes you incredibly cool! Have you ever admired some one and thought, “wow they are just so together. I wish I could be like them.” Well you can! It may take a little bit of effort and some practice on your part but “you” can be “that” person and soft skills will get you there!!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


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