Why would you quit?

Just because you’re tired and worn down from the fight? Just because you feel like you have no strength left in your physical body to take one more step? It’s exhausting and sometimes debilitating but why would you quit? If you keep going you know you’re going to get there.  You can see it on the horizon, victory is almost yours, so why would you quit?  You’ve taken so many steps already and it’s been painful.  You’ve had to drudge through a lot of junk and stuff to get where you are now so why would you quit? You’ve fought so hard and you’ve labored for so long through pain, heartache and discouragement so why would you quit?! I know your weary mind is telling you that the pain is too great, the sorrow is too deep and the struggle is “too long” but remember this, “where there is no struggle there is no progress”,, so why would you quit?!!! Everything that’s big started out small, and I do mean everything! Even you as a person started out as a single cell organism that was smaller than a pen dot on a piece of paper!!! Every corporation, every city, every nation and every government are all made up of people and all of us started out as next to nothing!! So don’t sweat it, that means there’s hope for you!!  If you’re right in the middle of where you came from and where you going, that means you’re halfway there! You’re just as close to where you’re going as you are to where you’ve been, so you may as well finish this thing strong! Why would you quit? And just as you’re crossing the finish line, you’re going to remember your journey and you’re going to have a really great story to tell, so why would you quit?! Somebody is going to need your story and if you don’t finish you won’t be able to tell it so why would you quit?! Just in case that’s not enough motivation for you, all of us at one time or another needs to be encouraged. So please finish because “I” just might need your story one day, and I’ll be able to say that you are partly responsible for my success because no one is an island!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”


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