Soft Skills – Not just for Customer Service!

You know, usually when we think of soft skills, we think of people who answer the phones in customer service. We want them to be nice and friendly and say yes to everything we ask for and give us everything we want “AND” give it to us for free(if at all possible). How many of you will honestly admit this :)?? However soft skills are not just for the customer service people. You know the people that we scream at and are really “n-a-s-t-y” to when we are having a bad day. Why do we do this?? Because we feel like we can get away with it and we know, that they have to keep their jobs and if they treat us the way we are treating them, they would most likely get fired.

But enough about those poor people. My hat’s off to ya whomever you may be reading this. Soft skills are for those on the employee level, the middle management level, the senior management level. Heck, they’re even for the CEO!!! If you are a “you”, then “you need” soft skills!

Soft skills can be used at work, at home and even at play. Soft skills are like your American Express card; don’t leave home without them!! Keep soft skills in your people bank! You can use them like foreign currency in other countries. They work in any environment. They work in any culture. There are no language barriers to soft skills. Soft skills can also make “you” the most powerful person in the room! Because when you have soft skills, you know how to “handle” people. Without breaking a sweat. Without stepping out of character and without losing control. Which makes you incredibly cool! Have you ever admired some one and thought, “wow they are just so together. I wish I could be like them.” Well you can! It may take a little bit of effort and some practice on your part but “you” can be “that” person and soft skills will get you there!!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


Why are you thinking about thatO_O??

Have you taken time out lately to stop and think about what it is, you’re thinking about? Why are you thinking about it? What real purpose does it serve? Is what you’re thinking about going to serve to help you in “any” form or another? Is it true? If it is true, is there anything that you can do to change it? If there is, then make the adjustment and if you can’t change it, “let it go!”, it’s not worth your time to think about it!! Is it positive? Is it encouraging? Does it build you up or does it weigh you down?? You can’t be your best you with the wrong mental diet. Since you are what you eat, replace that junk food in your mind with a healthy mental diet and have a wonderful day!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Succesful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

Who should you hire for Customer Service??

Differentiate your business by giving your customers a soft skills experience they will never forget! The thing that separates your customer service from company “B”, is the experience!!!  To make good on that delivery, you need to hire people who are already passionate about your business, about your products and services and about people! During your next hiring session, why don’t you try choosing from the people who shop at your store or from your business regularly and who recommend you without making any kind of a commission. These are the type of people you want selling your brand!!! Because to them it’s not really selling, its just like breathing!!

“Soft Skills are the New Currency!!!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

Why are Soft Skills so necessary for leadership?

First of all, let’s talk about what leadership is NOT! Leadership is not about finally arriving at a place where you can do unto others what has been done to you! Some sick and twisted rite of passage where you get to dehumanize, demotivate and demoralise others, just because you feel that now you can finally dish out what you “couldn’t” to the people who did it to you! You remember. Those feelings of worthlessness, incompetence and not being good enough.  All the feelings that were envoked in you by someone who was in a position of authority over you. Remember the feelings of helplessness and how powerless you felt to be able to do anything about it? So I just have one question for you; why in the world would you want to make someone else feel like that??? You might be inclined to make the argument that, they’d do it if they were me. But they’re NOT you. You’ve been “blessed” with a wonderful “opportunity and a responsibility” to impact change in the way leadership is viewd and exercised! Here is where the wonderful world of soft skills comes into play! Mentoring, encouraging, coaching, developing and uplifting people to be better than they are is what leadership is all about! In other words, heart leadership!  I can hear you in your mind right now.  You’re saying, no one did that for me so how and why should I do that for someone else? Because in doing so, you become part of the solution instead of continuing the long, dreadful and dreaded, exhausting problem!!  

It’s the soft skills in the people that you work with that make it fun to come to work! You don’t hear the alarm clock sound off in the morning and want to throw it out of the window because you hate your job! Soft skills in your leadership make you want to be like them not hate to see them coming to work every morning. Soft skills in your leadership make you want to give them more than what they’re asking, not get away with doing as little as you can. You know the syndrome; doing just enough work to keep from getting fired. Who says that just because you’re in leadership that you have to be an ice-queen or a cold-fish and come in to work every morning with this super serious look on your face as if you’ve been sucking on lemons all night?!

Can I add this as a side note? Soft skills may be just the thing that provides you with job security. I say this because people do business with people they like! To prove my point,  how many of those mean, ice-queen, cold-fish leaders has your organization gone through?  Just some food for thought.  

A great book to get you jump started into your soft skills transformation is David Livermore’s book, “Emotional Intelligence”.  

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

Why would you quit?

Just because you’re tired and worn down from the fight? Just because you feel like you have no strength left in your physical body to take one more step? It’s exhausting and sometimes debilitating but why would you quit? If you keep going you know you’re going to get there.  You can see it on the horizon, victory is almost yours, so why would you quit?  You’ve taken so many steps already and it’s been painful.  You’ve had to drudge through a lot of junk and stuff to get where you are now so why would you quit? You’ve fought so hard and you’ve labored for so long through pain, heartache and discouragement so why would you quit?! I know your weary mind is telling you that the pain is too great, the sorrow is too deep and the struggle is “too long” but remember this, “where there is no struggle there is no progress”,, so why would you quit?!!! Everything that’s big started out small, and I do mean everything! Even you as a person started out as a single cell organism that was smaller than a pen dot on a piece of paper!!! Every corporation, every city, every nation and every government are all made up of people and all of us started out as next to nothing!! So don’t sweat it, that means there’s hope for you!!  If you’re right in the middle of where you came from and where you going, that means you’re halfway there! You’re just as close to where you’re going as you are to where you’ve been, so you may as well finish this thing strong! Why would you quit? And just as you’re crossing the finish line, you’re going to remember your journey and you’re going to have a really great story to tell, so why would you quit?! Somebody is going to need your story and if you don’t finish you won’t be able to tell it so why would you quit?! Just in case that’s not enough motivation for you, all of us at one time or another needs to be encouraged. So please finish because “I” just might need your story one day, and I’ll be able to say that you are partly responsible for my success because no one is an island!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”