Leadership: How mistakes are the secret ingredient!

With all the talk  going on out there about leadership, I thought I’d just throw in my two cents and maybe this will help someone. First off, leaders are in a great position to lead us by the examples that they leave. They coach us, give us great advice , tell us what we’re doing right and what we need to work on. But I dare to propose to you that leaders don’t just mentor us by what they do right, they also mentor us by what they do wrong!!! I’m reminded of the story of David. Yes David! You know the one that took down a nine foot giant named Goliath with a single smooth stone. The one who slew a bear to protect his father’s sheep! That David. In the course of time, he was called to King Saul’s palace. The same king who tried to kill David on multiple occasions! Why did he try to kill him you ask? Because he was jealous of an up-and-coming leader! Saul disobeyed God and didn’t follow orders which caused his kingdom to be stripped from him and a plethora of harm to come to himself and his kingdom! David had to be close by learning and watching this, for he was to become the future king. Because he was close to the king’s side, he got to see all of his mistakes, shortcomings and his failures so that he could be a good king. So I implore  you to learn from your predecessors mistakes and DO NOT repeat them because the end of King Saul was death to himself and his son. David was able to be a right king because he learned from someone else’s mistakes!

Learning can take place anytime, anywhere, from anyone and any situation or circumstance. Grab hold of every opportunity!!!

“Soft skills are the new currency!!!”


“Successful Enterprises defines how to quantify soft skills training”

Successful Enterprises IS the personal touch DELIVERING the personal touch! We work with companies who share the same vision and perspective as we do!

We define the quantifiable aspect of the need for soft skills training as this: whatever it costs you as a company to replace a lost customer because of poor soft skills in your customer service department, period!

“Managing Change”

I believe that the first step in successful “change management” and promoting the change thereof, is that people have to first experience the change! It needs to be consistent and have longevity! This is “especially” important when all your people have heard is that things are going to be changing around here and change never comes. If people have been made a bunch of empty promises, it’s going to be mighty hard to get them on board of a “real” change program. You know it’s kind of like the story of the boy who cried wolf. You get the picture.  So if you’re in a management or leadership position and you want change on your teams, in your department and in the leadership that you’ve established, “you” as the head of the organization, are going to have to “show them” the change first. It’s going to have to be dynamic! Once it is truly absorbed that change is imminent, then you will start to see people believe in the change and respond to it more positively or at least with less negativity! Seeing is still believing and if people don’t see it, in many cases they will not believe it. In their “minds” it’s put up or shut up! Because they’ve heard it all before. You know, we teach others to lead by example and that’s really easy until it’s our turn! It’s human nature to want people to do as we say but not necessarily as we do. It may be challenging and it may even be tough but we will gain the respect of everyone we lead when they see “us” do it first!! Now that’s change I can believe in!!!

“Soft Skills are the New Currency!!!”

“Why Soft Skills are the new Currency!!!”

  Yes we know how to use a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, a MacBook and a PC and the list goes on and on! We know how to do a systems analysis, complicated algorithyms, statistics, database management and quantitative reports but the driving force behind getting our foot in the door to prove how qualified we are is, “Soft Skills”! Of course we need technical skills and I’m certainly not debating that fact! I certainly want my doctor to have his doctorate! If you’re hired to come in and do statistical analysis’ you’d better be able to do it! But can I make the argument right here for the skill of being able to “communicate” what you’re doing with everyone else that you’re answering to even if they don’t totally understand the depth of what a statistical analysis is??  You know, just because you may “know how” to do something doesn’t mean that you have to “show off” your knowledge in a way that belittles or excludes people. Being able to “communicate” with people in a way that everyone in the room can understand what you’re saying and making everyone feel comfortable is what you want to shoot for. People do business with people they like… it’s a hard reality but it’s true! Soft skills not only “get” you the job but they also “keep” you the job! The soft skill of diplomacy is valuable currency! It’s the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way! Being able to build bridges and bridge gaps is a huge asset to add to your arsenal of soft skills! Soft skills can open doors for you that your technical skills alone may not! They are there own reward. Your boss just might think twice about letting go of someone with great people and soft skills as opposed to someone who’s hard nosed and doesn’t know how to take a joke. Remember this, “People will forget what you say and they will forget what you do but they will not forget how you made them feel” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou~  

If we will just take the time, the initiative and make the effort to tap into what resonates with people and make that connection with them we will never be broke. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know and you have to connect with people to get to know them! So by increasing your soft skills repertoire, you increase your money making potential!  

Soft Skills “always” put you in a position of power!!!