7 Ways Soft Skills make you the ONE!

Are you looking for ways to move up that proverbial corporate ladder? Are you tired of being looked over for promotion even though you know you possess all the technical skills necessary to do the job? Have you been avoided or left out of work or social gatherings?

The answer to these questions and more could very likely be your lack of (or) your lack of executing, soft skills. Soft skills are what is now being called “THE NEW MONEY”!   Because with them you can work wonders! How awesome would the world be if more people were honest, trustworthy, gracious, cheerful, generous, hospitable and thoughtful of others?

1. When you are trustworthy, people will share things with you that they would never share with other people. This works professionally as well as personally! Why is this important you ask? Because people confide in people they trust. They seek advice from those people. They “remember” those people. This will build your reputation as the “ONE” to go to! If people can “trust you” with their information, you are in!!!

2. I know you’ve heard the saying “honesty is the best policy”. Here’s an idea…tell the truth!  The greatest mentor I have ever known once said, “if your word is nothing, you are nothing!” When you are dishonest you lose trust and when you lose trust, you have lost the ability to influence people! People listen to people they trust so if people cannot trust you, why would they give you in anything else? This includes their time, their resources, the promotion or anything??

3. What goes around comes around right? So be gracious! I know there have been times in your own life that you knew you didn’t get the punishment or tongue lashing you deserved for a certain thing. People are watching you when this happens to see if you are going to be just as gracious with other people! If you’re smart, you will be! You know, it’s a funny thing about us human beings, if we see someone who’s been shown mercy, being cruel to someone else, we’re inclined to want to teach them a lesson.  We’re funny that way. So be careful that the proverbial boomerang doesn’t hit you in the you know what, on your way to you know where!!!!

4. Nobody likes a Grinch so put on that million dollar smile when you come out of the house every day! You know what they say, you can catch more bees with honey!! Did you know that smiling attracts people to you?? Don’t you want to attract the right people?? You never know who you’re going to run into at the coffee shop or the grocery store or even the lobby of the office building where you work! What if your next interview is in the elevator??!! It could happen! Your cheerful attitude could very well land you your next job paying 100K a year!! So cheer up:)

5. Generous people are happy people! Don’t be afraid to give of yourself and your time to people. This one attribute can reap more rewards than you could ever imagine! If you would just try to make this apart of your life, I guarantee you will see your life shift in ways you never thought possible! We as people want be receivers of good things all the time so how about speeding up the process by giving. Don’t give just to receive but when you give with the right attitude you can rest assure that good things are most assuredly coming your way! The more you do it the more good things will begin to come.

6. Make other people feel welcome. Being hospitable in some settings is a lost art. As I have stated before, you never know who you’re dealing with and wouldn’t you feel terribly thankful if you found out that you were the one who helped the plain clothed Senior VP or CEO? It’s just nice to be nice. Don’t you like nice people??

7. Doesn’t it feel good when people do nice things for you without you even asking?? Well, everybody likes that feeling, so spread the love!! Being thoughtful helps you to win friends and influence people! Of course, in a professional setting, you want to use this skill carefully so as not to come across as “that” person, but you get the picture.  People who think of other people get thought of!

When you have soft skills the world opens up to you and makes anything possible, so what are you waiting for!

Soft Skills put you in a position of Power!!!


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