How to treat your money makers Part…

“How to treat your money makers Part 2”

As a business owner you may not necessarily be be able to control how people act per se, but you can reward good behavior. Let me explain. You have a group of people working for you. They’re called your customer service department, your CSP’s, your CSR’s, your CSM’s, or whatever else they’re calling them these days. They cannot perform their best if they have management over them who are riding them unfairly, miss handling them, prejudging them or miss judging them, for one reason or another. The way that you can change the attitude of your management team and how they treat your associate’s whom “you” put in direct contact with your income & your profits, (these are your customers by the way), is if you recognize and reward your managers & your leadership for treating your money makers well!!! This will increase your net profits exponentially! By this I mean reward and recognize your managers who treat their associates the best! You can come up with a reward system for this and even do a secret ballot for your money makers to participate in. Give them a reason to treat your money makers well and they will! Reward good behavior because it, in and of itself, will reward your company 100 fold!!! Oh it may cost you a little time and effort in the beginning and maybe even a little bit of money of course but since you’re already in business, I’m sure with just a little bit of imagination you can see the business case for this!

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