“How to treat your money makers Part 1”

I want to talk to you, yes you the company with the telephone customer service department. Your customer service department is responsible for the intake of customers and revenue to your company. How are you treating your money makers? Are you managing how your managers are treating your money makers? If poor customer service is costing us companies 85 billion dollars a year, that means your customer service department is worth “A BIG CHUNK” of your company! So don’t you think that they deserve to be treated as such? When is the last time you checked in on your money makers? Your outbound callers or your inbound callers? They may begin to see themselves differently if they are treated differently; if you raise their value to themselves, and let them know that they are your second most valuable asset! The only thing more valuable than them is your customer! So maybe, just maybe, if you take the time to consider carefully and intensely, how your money makers are being treated and show them on a personal level how valuable they are to the success of your company, then they will begin to take a different look at themselves and they will boost your business like you have never seen before! Stephen Covey says in his book, “The seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, if you want to change a person’s behavior, then you have to change thier role in their own mind so that they can begin to see themselves differently and then they will behave react and respond differently!

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