Calling all Leaders!

Okay so I have to talk about this because I have to look at it in the face! I understand that it can be very encouraging and ego boosting to be put into a position of leadership. But I have said it once and I will say it again… “a leader is not a leader unless there’s someone following him or her.” If you you’ve been placed in a position of leadership, never forget where you came from! There are people that can handle positions of leadership and power and then there are those who simply cannot. You can always tell who those people are by how they treat the people they’re leading. If you feel that just because you been placed in a position of leadership that it somehow gives you the right to treat people like animals or to treat them like they’re subhuman, then you are drastically and emphatically wrong!!! If you believe that because you’ve been placed in a position of leadership that this is first a gift and also your opportunity to be a conduit and a vessel to help encourage motivate and inspire others to be all that they can be and the best that they can be, then you’ve got the right idea!  As Peter Parker’s uncle put it in the Amazing Spider Man, “with great power comes great responsibility”!

I think before anyone gets put into a position of leadership they should take a class on emotional and cultural intelligence! Or at the least, be tested on their “people” skills.  Just because you have an ability to do something better than anybody else can, doesn’t mean that you have the ability or the wherewithal to lead anybody!!

I recommend this book to every leader out there. It’s by Steven Covey and the name of the book is ” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” . I have read a good portion of this book and it definitely changed the way that I think about leadership and how to get people to do what you want them to do! One portion of the book says: “In order to get people to change their actions, you have to change their role. In other words, you have change the way they see themselves.” It offers a lot of other great tips on people management as well. So for all aspiring leaders and current leaders, I highly recommend this book!!! Let’s be leaders of compassion and change, not the kind that people want to run out of town with torches & pitchforks! Because when people have the opportunity to show you exactly what they thought about your leadership, they will most certainly do it!!

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