Late night Epiphany!

I’m having a late night epiphany and I thought I would just share this: You know after being in corporate america several years and working for a few different companies I’ve come to a startling conclusion. Alot of people in “leadership positions” are overeducated, overpaid and “under qualified” to lead, encourage & develop the “people” their leading! While education is important and we all want to get paid for the work that we do; let’s not forget that a leader with no one following them is still just out for a walk. No man is an island & you need people to lead in order to be a leader! So as you sit back in those big offices in those big cushy chairs and you have secretaries and assistants at your beck and call; never forget that what goes around comes around! As my favorite book puts it: Whatever you sew you’re going to reap. You may sew one seed but several more come up in its place! So ask yourself: what kind of seeds have I been sewing & how many have I sewn? Food for thought!


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