Leaders….listen Up!

It’s been a while since I spoke on this subject but I had a profound brain thing inside my head the other day….so here we go!

Have you ever just took some time to really think about why you were “allowed” or “granted” the position you have??

If you’ve never done that, I want you to take some time to do that today or in the next few days.

Now I know you’re sitting or standing  there thinking to yourself about “how” your position came to be. Many of you have lots of different reasons and possibly even assumptions about that auspicious event.

But have you ever considered “why” you were chosen? I believe everything happens for a reason. Nothing just happens of itself.  There had to be a push or a cause, if you will.

I can ask the question why was the ball bouncing?  Answer…. because someone bounced it.  Why did the train go off the track? Answer….because there was a malfunction of some kind, either on the part of the conductor or of the train itself or possibly even the train tracks.

For everything there is a cause and an effect.

Are you handling your leadership role responsibly, fairly, objectively, and without unfair bias?

As leaders we have the profound responsibility to make a difference in the lives of the people we lead and influence.

Just like uncle Ben said in the movie “Spiderman”, “with great power comes great responsibility!”  That’s not just a cliche you know.

As leaders we’ve been given a unique position to be able to inspire, encourage, motivate, build up and to influence others.

As Steven Covey puts it in his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and I paraphrase; you’re not a leader because you have a leadership role, but your leader when you’re able to influence people!

So what type of influence do you have? Is it positive, uplifting, motivating, inspiring and encouraging?

I can tell you I’ve been under a lot of leaders in my time… and there’s  only a couple that I would dare to volunteer to be under their leadership ever again! The best leaders bring out the best in people.  

The best leaders shape & cultivate the best in all of their people, not just their “favorite” people.  The best leaders lead by example.

So just make sure that in your role of leadership that you don’t take it for granted and that you also take into account that nothing lasts forever.  Just remember, the same people you meet on your way up are the same one’s you meet on your way out…so to speak. You know it’s always good to think with the end in mind because what goes around certainly does come around!

Be a good leader; make a positive difference in people’s lives and leave a legacy of love and not that other stuff!

The greatest leaders win the “hearts” of the people because when people love you they will stand with you no matter what!


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