You are a Professional!

  I was just thinking about you a few days ago; yes you, the “Professional”, who just happens to work in customer service!  

I was thinking that I wanted to point out just how much power you really have in your role.  Your position “will make or brake” any company. As a matter of fact, any company is only as strong as their customer service department.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask yourself this question; when was the last time you dropped a product or service because of poor customer care? You are a vital component to the success of your company. Your position is not miniscule or obsolete…it’s IMPORTANT! So treat it like it is.  See your role for just what it is…the bottom line maker!  I ‘m sure you’ve seen and heard the statistics and the numbers and all of that…but I want you to take it personal. You are “stock” in whatever company you work for and you are valuable. The power of your company’s success is in your hands!   

   I recently had an experience with a very popular software company’s tech support service department. Everything I’m about to tell you is true!

It was about 6:45 pm on a tuesday evening.  I called in and asked to speak with someone about an issue with my software. The initial person I spoke to was very nice and polite. He gathered my information and transferred me over to the outsourced tech support department in India. They were a contracted company that I really just forgot the name of. After transferring me, I had to do an online chat with them to describe the nature of my problem. The software program that I had originally downloaded to my computer for some reason had stopped working and I could no longer access it. The representative asked me if I had the activation key that originally came with my software download. I told her since it had been 6 months or more since I downloaded the software, that I no longer had it. She asked me to check the emails that initially came with the installation of my software to see if the activation key was still somewhere within one of the HUNDREDS of emails that I had. So because I was trying to be a compliant customer, I sorted through all of my emails but it was not there. Next, I told her that I had purchased an additional backup cd for the software and if she would like, I would  go and find it to see if the information was there. Well, I did so but of course, it was not included with the disk!  She then proceeded to give me a website to go to, to try and log in and access my count that way. After many attempts this failed because I no longer had the original password that I used initially to set up the account; I had changed my password for security reasons. As you can guess, I was not a happy camper. Seriously! I couldn’t change my password or my account wouldn’t work? Who does that? I couldn’t even update it for that matter. It wanted me to set up a hotmail account to access my information!  Oh yes! as if the other FIVE email accounts I have already wasn’t enough to keep track of! Then she says to me,  “I guess you’re just going to HAVE to set up a hotmail account”. I told her that I did not have hotmail nor did I want it. During the process of filling out the online form to reset my account, I allowed her to have access of my computer and I had to enter some personal information. It came down to me selecting my gender. So being the savvy young woman that I am, I selected female. Well, the young woman doing the chat with me, assumed that because my name is Successful, that obviously I had to be a man! So she selected male for me instead! Ok, so maybe she misunderstood me.  I selected female again.  Then again, for the second time, you guessed it,  she selected male; as if I don’t know my gender!  Anyway how could she tell over a chat line? Well buy this time I was just flaming, so I typed in the chat box in all caps,”I AM A WOMAN!   The conversation only went down hill from there, so it ended not long after that. I really needed my computer to work so I called back again to this company and got a second person who left me on hold so long that I just hung up.  At this point I’m ready to give up on this company completely and go with a whole different computer system.

 The next day, I gave it another try because this can’t happen two days in a row can it? I talked to another young lady and she completely changed my mind about this company!  I decided to keep them and I even spoke with her manager and raved on and on and on about her to let her know what a great job she had done. She fixed all of my problems, did not need an activation key, re-installed everything on my computer and I was a happy woman and a happy customer! But they almost lost my business because of horrible customer service. Oh, and by the way, I did let the manager know about the people that spoke with me the day before and I made some polite suggestions. Lol! She assured me that they would look into it and handle the situation.  

Remember the power you have as a  “Customer Service Professional”!


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