Will a real customer service professional please stand up?!

 In observance of National Customer Service Week; I would like to pose this question. “Will a real customer service professional please stand up?!       

So who is a real customer service professional? Well let’s just take a virtual look:

They are “true, people, people”. High energy, no need for a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning people. They are wake up on the right side of the bed every morning people; always willing to help people. They are outgoing above and beyond people, the find the solution whatever it takes people. They are the good morning how may I help you with a big smile people and  the it would be my pleasure people. They are the let me get that for you people, and the would you like to supersize that people. They are the see the glass as half full not empty people and the offer you the little things that mean so much people.  Yes, these are the insourced NOT outsourced people and  the you have my undevided attention people. They are the I have the solution to your query people, and the I don’t sound like a robot people. They are the not only will I give you what you asked for people but the I’ll even through in something extra at no extra charge people. They are the take ownership people and they’re the buck stops here people. They are the I won’t take my problems out on you people and the you are my main priority right now people. They are the no “problem” is to big or to small people, and the no “person” is to big or to small people. They are the turn your day around people and the turn your frown into a smile people. They are big, little, short, tall, fat, skinny, all colors of the spectrum, everyday people doing extraordinary things.   They are….. Passionate, Happy, Caring, Empathetic, Giving, Compassionate, Responsible, Resourceful, Dependable, Trustworthy, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Quick and Enthusiastic!

They are people…so that means they understand!
Happy National Customer Service Week to all the customer service professionals out there! Make it a great rest of the week:)


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