Honoring your word!

A great man once told me that if my word is  nothing, I am nothing!  When people know that they can trust your word it’s just like making a deposit into the bank. A book I read recently puts it like this, ” A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”. When people know they can trust your word, they know that they can trust you.  People make promises for different reasons, however one reason is, they like the feeling that it brings for people to look to them in admiration for the hope of a promise that they know they will never fulfill. When you’re dealing with people whether it be personally or professionally remember this, if a person can’t trust your word you have nothing left to stand on. Bringing this back home to customer service, just remember it’s always a best practice to under promise and over deliver! This is called the WOW factor!  Basically you promise what you can deliver, then give them more than they expected. Never make a customer a promise that you know you cannot make good on. This disappoints and will kill your influence faster than you can believe. Give your customers a sense of security and be believable. In the final analysis you will either be making deposits or giving refunds!


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