What is character?  Put plainly and simply,  character is having  strong moral or ethical strength.  It begins at the heart. And while you can act or pretend for a while outside of your character, what’s really in your heart will ultimately come shining through!  Everything we do is a choice and your choices are stemmed from your character. No matter what people say, bitter water and sweet water cannot flow from the same fountain. When I was a teenager my mother saw something in me that she knew she needed to address. I was young and wanted to make friends. You know the drill.  Being a young, impressionable teenager,I was willing to do things that were outside of my character to gain them. One day my mom said to me, Successful, you don’t have to laugh at things that are not funny just because you want people to like you. If something is genuinely funny to you, you can laugh at it.  If it’s not funny and you don’t want to be rude, you can give a polite smile. Basically what she was saying to me was, whatever you do, always be true to yourself! I was 15 when she said these words to me. My mother imparted something into me that changed my life and solidified my character that very day. I have never forgotten those words!  Are you pretending to be something or someone that you’re not? Have you stepped outside of your natural character to please people or to measure up to some false standard set by a bunch of false people? If so, I urge you to stop yourself today!  Take a look in the mirror; see who you really are. Do you remember? Do you remember WHEN you lost your self?  If you have lost yourself, you can always go back and find yourself.  It is your choice!!


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