Some Corporate America Survival Tips!!!

Just some stuff I learned along the way!

First off- if you have a boss that has somewhat of a mean streak; smile and greet them every day! Not sarcastically but genuinely. And if it’s appropriate and timely, if they happen to look nice that day, tell them!! I can tell you from personal experience that you can break them down and turn them into your friend! By the way, it doesn’t hurt to be really, really good at what you do either!!!

Second- I don’t know why this is in Corporate America but you’ll run across this if you haven’t already. Some bosses like to do this thing called staring you down. It’s like they’re a predator and they want to know if you’re scared of em. Listen, learn to choose your battles. You can do one of two things. Either you can speak and say, “how ya doin?!” (and not in that cowardly, shriveling demeanor either) or you can look the other way. Not because you’re afraid but because you know if they make the wrong move it’s called a LAWYER!!!

Looking at it like this puts you in a position of power and you don’t have to feel belittled in your own eyes!! You’re not there to challenge them but to work with them, (and to pay the rent :))!!

One last thing- if you’re starting a new job or even a new position. If you haven’t learned this, learn it early. Go in with the mindset that you’re going to be “the problem solver”!!! Because people will pay you well to solve their problems!! And if they don’t, someone else will, so market yourself well😄!!

That is all……. make it a great night everybody!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

4 Effective Communication Tips!

Tip#1 Your words should always be gracious and considerate of the other person. Remember, next time it’ll be your turn to be on the receiving end!

Tip#2 Don’t answer anything until you’ve heard the entire spill. This will save you much embarrassment!

Tip#3 Tell the truth! It’s a lot easier during the clean up because you’ll have nothing to fear!

Tip#4 Speak life into people and kill the negative! This will bring you one step closer to being more likeable.

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

This is me!

I love spiderman cartons (the more modern episodes!)
Marvel Comics are awesome!!! Hey don’t judge me! Everybody needs a stress relief & these are mine. My favorite colors are royal blue, royal purple and fuchsia pink.

I love watching those old school black and white tv shows like, “The Beverly Hillbillies”, “Father knows best”, and “Green Acres”.

I love to laugh a lot! Oh yeah and I realy love people.  I just thought I’d have a little fun today. Life’s too short to to be so serious “all the time”, who needs that?? Have some fun everybody and take some time to enjoy life cuz you only get one!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

4 things that will kill your sphere of influence everytime!

Number 1 on the list is “pride”. How many times do we have to say, “one monkey don’t stop no show”, for it to really catch on?? It’s really not all about you, you know.

Number 2 on the list is “jealousy”. Jealous people are fearful, insecure, and uncomfortable in their own skin. They show a lack of self worth and self confidence. Humility is a notable quality, but the waters of jealousy and insecurity run deep and it’s really easy to get pulled under!

Next on the list is “greed”! Anybody ever watched the tv show, “American Greed”? Nuff said!! If you live by the greed, you’ll go down by the greed!!

Bringing up the rear at number 4 is “fear”. While a natural fear of falling and loud noises is normal,  we should work to overcome the types of fears that keep us from being able to make important decisions and move forward in life. Unhealthy fear keeps us in a prison that “everyone can see” except us!

You can’t be an effective leader in any capacity when your decisions are stifled by unsubstantiated fears!  When people smell fear and uncertainty in their leader, they lose confidence in them!! 

We’re all a work in progress; but progress demands that we move forward to ward it!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

6 tips to help you to be more engaging!

For those of you out there who are struggling to get to know people or who struggle after you know people to get engaged with them… Here are some tips to help you get started!

Tip#1 Greet people with a smile. The key pount here is, “greet people”! You can’t possibly get to know anyone that you don’t introduce yourself to.

Tip#2 Be genuine! Nobody likes a phony.

Tip#3 Be transparent!  Would you like to get to know someone who you felt had an agenda?

Tip#4 Open up! The only way people are going to feel safe letting you in, is if you let them in first. If you are holding back, other people will feel that and do the same.

Tip#5 Find common ground. Find out what you and the other person have in common and build on that. The only way to do this is you have to ask questions. As long as those questions are not too personal you should be fine.

Tip#6 Be yourself! It takes a whole lot less effort in just being yourself than it does in trying to be someone you’re not. Even in comedy the truth is always funnier than fiction!

I hope this helps. Have a great day!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

“3 tips to get your manager to notice you.”

For those who may be new to the corporate world or maybe you’ve been in for a little while and are still trying to figure things out, these are some really great practices to start, stop and/or maintain.

#1. Stop avoiding them when you see them! Nobody likes to be ignored and this is especially true of the person who signs your paycheck. I have literally seen this in action and I can tell you it really ticks them off!

#2. Learn really quickly what they like and give them bucket loads of it!! (I don’t mean that brown nose thing) But find out what they’d really, really like to see happen on the team and spearhead it! Be the first one to take action on it and by all means do your research.

#3. Dress for success! You know success has a look to it and dressing professionally every single day gets attention from everybody! Your manager won’t miss this!

“Soft Skills are the new currency that puts you in a position of power and keeps you in demand!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!


Have you ever stopped to think about why you do the things you do? I do! When I have spare time I sometimes  just sit and I think about the things that I’ve done during the day and during the week. I think about the things I’ve said, and to whom I’ve said them to and in retrospect, I sometimes ask myself, when it’s necessary; Successful, why did you say that or why did you do that?

Everybody wants to feel important, valued, significant and to feel like they matter. So any time that I feel like I have overstepped a boundary or didn’t really quite have the clear-headed thinking that I should have had when I did or said something or acted in a particular way; one thing I’m always sure to do is, I go back and fix it!

How many people actually take the time to go back and fix the stuff they messed up with the people that they messed up with?! I think this is crucial if you’re trying to build your character into something that you can be proud of and something that people can actually respect you for! I don’t claim perfection by any means but what I do is; I claim the determination and the unwavering mindset to have perfect character.

When I leave this earth and someone has to preach my eulogy, I don’t want to be someone who was remembered as … the person no one really cares to remember!! So that’s why I spend a lot of time reflecting so that I don’t repeat my mistakes and that going forward, I’m better tomorrow than I was yesterday. I always remember that everybody is important, everybody is special and we all at the core of each and everyone of us, we all have the same basic human needs and desires from life and people!

Self reflection keeps me from becoming something or someone that I don’t even recognize any more and it keeps me grounded. So I urge everyone who is reading this to do self reflection on a daily basis. That’s what separates us from the animals!

“Soft Skills are the New Currency!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

Soft Skills – Not just for Customer Service!

You know, usually when we think of soft skills, we think of people who answer the phones in customer service. We want them to be nice and friendly and say yes to everything we ask for and give us everything we want “AND” give it to us for free(if at all possible). How many of you will honestly admit this :)?? However soft skills are not just for the customer service people. You know the people that we scream at and are really “n-a-s-t-y” to when we are having a bad day. Why do we do this?? Because we feel like we can get away with it and we know, that they have to keep their jobs and if they treat us the way we are treating them, they would most likely get fired.

But enough about those poor people. My hat’s off to ya whomever you may be reading this. Soft skills are for those on the employee level, the middle management level, the senior management level. Heck, they’re even for the CEO!!! If you are a “you”, then “you need” soft skills!

Soft skills can be used at work, at home and even at play. Soft skills are like your American Express card; don’t leave home without them!! Keep soft skills in your people bank! You can use them like foreign currency in other countries. They work in any environment. They work in any culture. There are no language barriers to soft skills. Soft skills can also make “you” the most powerful person in the room! Because when you have soft skills, you know how to “handle” people. Without breaking a sweat. Without stepping out of character and without losing control. Which makes you incredibly cool! Have you ever admired some one and thought, “wow they are just so together. I wish I could be like them.” Well you can! It may take a little bit of effort and some practice on your part but “you” can be “that” person and soft skills will get you there!!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Successful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!

Why are you thinking about thatO_O??

Have you taken time out lately to stop and think about what it is, you’re thinking about? Why are you thinking about it? What real purpose does it serve? Is what you’re thinking about going to serve to help you in “any” form or another? Is it true? If it is true, is there anything that you can do to change it? If there is, then make the adjustment and if you can’t change it, “let it go!”, it’s not worth your time to think about it!! Is it positive? Is it encouraging? Does it build you up or does it weigh you down?? You can’t be your best you with the wrong mental diet. Since you are what you eat, replace that junk food in your mind with a healthy mental diet and have a wonderful day!

“Soft Skills are the new currency!!!”
Succesful Enterprises, your soft skills coach!